Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fond of my Origins

As part of my shopping excursion on Friday, I stopped off at the Origins store in the mall.

I picked up a spray bottle of their new deodorant, and also bought a bottle of their acne clearing gel.

I don't like normal antiperspirants because the aluminum salts in them can traverse your skin and cause bad things to happen, like an increased risk for Alzheimer's (granted, the source I link to is not a health study site, but they do cite a health study done with regards to aluminum's toxicity). Regardless, I do use an antiperspirant when I go to work in the summer...but when I work out, I don't care whether I sweat or not. Now that it's winter, I am not nearly as sweaty, so I just needed something to keep the funk away. Most of the other natural deodorants I have tried over time don't even keep away the smell...and they are sort of a slick gel (usually). My mom uses milk of magnesia, but she doesn't wear sleeveless shirts, so the white residue is not a problem for her.

The Origins deodorant is a spray-on blend of vinegar, alcohol, and essential oils. Today was my first day using it, and although I sweat a little bit on the ferry ride over to Daniel's (it was warm inside the main cabin), I still smell pleasantly herbal.

I am also very impressed with the acne clearing gel. It is a mix of witch hazel, salicylic acid, and essential oils - mostly clove and oregano, both of which have grand antibacterial properties. In fact, oregano oil is a powerful anti-viral, too, and something I take whenever I am sick. (Full disclosure: none of the herbs I take when I am sick taste good. Oregano oil is no different - it tastes like hell). Anyhoo, I dabbed on the gel last night and today on some errant zits, and they have already hastened their retreat....for some reason, the old routine of benzoyl peroxide and the acid toner was not helping me out as much as it usually does. Plus the cold has really dried out my skin, and at least the essential oils don't exacerbate that condition.

A personal note: I use natural products because I am generally cautious about what goes in and on my body. Often the price point of these products reflects that they are made differently (ie they are expensive), but I believe the price is worth it. :) Everyone has to do what works for them...

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