Tuesday, October 28, 2008

CrossFit: Another 6 Month Goal Bites The Dust

My second goal to be busted!

I deadlifted my own body weight (150 lb or 68 kg) today! (Hint: the 150 lb D-L was the goal!)

And here is visual proof:

Here is a weight breakdown:

- Men's Bar = 20 kg
- Black Weight Plate = 10 kg x 2 plates
- White Weight Plate = 5 kg x 4 plates (2 white plates per side)
- Blue Weight Plate = 2 kg x 4 plates (2 blue plates per side)

Here is a shot of me lifting a slightly less arduous 64 kg (lacking the final 2 blue plates). A random side note: I never knew my skort was that reflective!

I also have a video of me running with the truck tire behind me; I will try and post that to YouTube soon. :)

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