Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fitness: TIRED!

Today's workout:


Run 400 m with a medicine ball. (I chose the 6 lb one, and was able to run without stopping!).

10-20 alternating lunges

15 squats

10 pushups

15 more squats

A few sets of deadlifts

Abwork - testing out V-ups, hollow rocking (make a hollow shape by flattening out the lower back, and rock from your shoulders to your hips)


5 Rounds Of:

- 5 deadlifts (Amy and I were at 50 kg, or ~110.2 lb. While we were warming up, we had moved up to 55 kg (121.5 lb), but Fran wanted us at a weight that we could repeat several times...)

- 10 hollow rockers or V-ups

- 5 pull-ups. I used the green (midway-resistance) rubber band, and kipped most of my pull-ups with varying degrees of success. Ironically, my kips get better as I get more tired.


After we finished that, Fran had us do a 400 m farmer's walk...which just means "grab two kettlebells and walk around the block". So Amy and I grabbed two 8 kg (17.6 lb) kettlebells each, and walked around the block as instructed, while speaking of the economy. (She is a financial director somewhere in Seattle).


I gotta say, I am TIRED! My lower back will be sore tomorrow, I can feel it. I think I failed to keep it straight / arched while lifting some of the time. :-(

I left CF, gathered my veggies, went to the store for cheese and a corned beef, came home, put the corned beef on the stove, made a tomato soup with garlic, beer, prosciutto, and parmegiano-reggiano (grated), and sat down for a minute after loading up the dishwasher.

Now all I have to do is pack my breakfast / lunch, shower, and put away the washed dishes and the newly cooked food... Maybe I'll even get some knitting done in bed before I collapse! :-)

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